This is for a typical event, but can be tailored to suit your needs.

Jointly agreed

  • Date
- We try to limit quizzes to no more than one a week, to allow sufficient time to prepare, and to 'recover' from the previous event!  So please consult the 'News' page for commitments before contacting us for availability.
  • Start and finish times
- this will largely depend on the availability of the team members.  Typically an evening event would be advertised as 7pm for a 7:30 start, allowing time to travel to the venue after work finishes; and a later finish is usually permissible at the weekend (perhaps 10:30 to 11pm) as most people would not have work the following day.

Client provides

  • Venue
    - it is often useful to arrange with us to visit the venue well before the event, in order to identify any decisions which need to be made - position of tables, use of any equipment provided, etc.
  • Advertising
    - we can provide an A4 sized poster if requested
  • Raffle / Quiz prizes
  • Money handling (entrance fee, raffle ticket sales)
  • (Optionally) food/drink

QMJeff provides

  • Question Master
  • Questions (see examples, left) / blank answer sheets
  • Scoring and display

Customer provides

  • Entrance fee
  • Raffle ticket price (optional)
  • Personal snacks / drinks, if not included in ticket price
  • Pen or pencil
  • Brain
  • Team Name
  • Sense of humour