For a cheap way to have a few hours of fun, and raise funds for a club or charity, a Fun Quiz is ideal.

Unlike the traditional pub quiz, the Fun Quiz is much more of a social occasion than a 'fight to the death'!

Non-adversarial in nature, the Fun Quiz is a way of catching up with old friends and perhaps making new ones.

Quirky questions can be expected, based not so much on the traditional 'school subjects', but on more subtle connections (see examples).

Unique scoring ensures that the outcome is in doubt right up until the end.  Strong and weaker teams both stand a good chance of winning.

If you bring a team, or join one when you arrive, 3 to 5 players is usually ideal.

Zero chance of falling asleep or being bored, a good time is almost guaranteed.

QMJeff is based in Stevenage, operates usually in the north of Hertfordshire and elsewhere by negotiation.  We charge only expenses for charity events, or reasonable fees for commercial events.